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WWF: Website Relaunch

Development of the content strategy, information architecture and navigation system for the relaunch of

In the years before the relaunch, WWF Switzerland had produced a lot of content for their website. Yet a lot of it was outdated, wasn’t maintained, or didn’t meet the overall objectives of WWF anymore. („We don’t want to be a ‚Environmental Wikipedia‘!“)

In cooperation with getunik AG, we developed the new content strategy, information architecture and navigation system for the relaunch of The main part of the project was the analysis and restructuring of content and and helping the online team untangling internal workflows."

Client getunik AG on behalf of WWF Schweiz
Key Activities Stakeholder & User Workshops, Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Content Modelling, Usability Testing
Status Released
Deliverables Content Strategy, Information Architecture, Navigation System

Content Strategy
At the start of the project we conducted stakeholder workshops to learn about goals, user needs (internal and external), challenges and responsibilities. We developed the core of the content strategy based on the findings of the workshops and the analysis of the current state of the content. The center of our work was a clear focus on the five global core subjects of the WWF. We decided that on the new site, informations on projects and background knowledge can only be published, if they can be directly assigned to one of the five global core subjects. Additionally, four rules were set up for content: show solutions instead of problems, highlight success, demonstrate relevance to users, create transparency.

Information Architecture
We defined page types and content models to grant users userfriendly and easy access to information.
For this purpose, a topic from all of the five core subjects each, was analyzed and reviewed schematically.

We further developed a new information architecture and suggested a navigation system. The goal was that both, the core strategy of WWF and users needs are considered equally. The suggested solution was then validated with a tree test.

Content Inventory
A large part of this project was to analyze existing content. We conducted a content inventory to identify and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of existing content. Together with WWF’s online team we tackled solutions to better publish and maintain content after the relaunch.