Memi Beltrame



A prototyping tool for highly interactive prototypes.

There are tons of prototyping tools out there – each one of them covers a different need. Protostrap's strength lays in its flexibility and its data drivenness. It is for designers who want to design complex processes with realistic data and know the basics of PHP, Javascript, HTML & CSS.

All the prototypes in this portfolio have been built with Protostrap

My motivation to build it

I've been working on Protostrap since 2011. I had been prototyping with balsamiq at the time and was unhappy with the little interactivity it had to offer.
Especially projects for mobile app were difficult. Users and stakeholders had a hard time to get engaged in the experience of mobile shown on a desktop screen.

Having experience in web-development I decided to work on a web-based solution. The focus of Protostrap has always been on the ability to work with content which is as realistic as possible. Each project done with Protostrap ads new capabilities. To this day it is my tool of choice to prototype experiences. While other tools focus heavily on display Protostrap allows me to do other things: