Memi Beltrame



A Chrome extension for controlled vocabularies

This extension helps content editors stick to their organization's critical vocabulary. They can integrate their vocabulary into the editing workflow and make it a part of the organization's content culture.

My motivation to build it

I built lexical because I was fed up with not being able to offer my clients a sustainable approach to keeping their copy consistent and in line with their content guidelines.

Sometimes organizations are having trouble in using consistent language in the creation of content. In this case they often set up a controlled vocabularies as a solution. A controlled vocabulary is a list of termsthe organisation wants to avoid in favor of other, preferred terms terms.
The biggest issue of this approach is that the list in most cases ends up being a page on a wiki. As such this is not a bad thing.
The issue though is not the list, it’s the lacking governance of the list.
Organizations spend time and money to set up a granular glossary of all the terms they want to address. Once they have the list there is nothing in place to make sure that the list becomes part of the organization’s content culture.

As a consultant I have been in the situation many times and it has been bothering me for years. To see all the work bear little fruit was always frustrating but even worse was the inability to give actionable advice.

I built lexical as a browser extension because content editing is a fragmented experience and the web is the unifying element. The browser has become the editing tool for content. Of course there are tools that deal with content wich are completely detached from browsers for instance Publishing Software like InDesign. However it is very likely that content at a certain point will go through a browser-based system.