Memi Beltrame

Hi, I'm Memi!

I am a digital strategist with 20+ years of experience in planning and building digital products.
I have a vast experience in UX design, especially user research and prototyping.

I live and work in Zurich and I am an active member of the local UX and web community.

I like to build things

Creating helpful things - be they digital or physical - gives me great satifaction. I have a small garden and I regularly build things for it.
It is a great way to balance the time I spend sitting at my desk. I enjoy involving my children and giving them the opportunity to make their own experiences with manual work and gardening.

Insects are an important part of gardening. I build beehomes and other samll installations to provide nesting opportnities. I believe that every effort in supporting wildlife matters. This is especially true in an uban context, where sources of nutrition are scarce and fragmented, and safe spaces for insects on the decline.

I mentor whenever I can

Passing on knowledge is a natural development in any career. I have been teaching interaction design in institutions for several years and also helped build a 15-day programme aimed at designers who want to transition from print to digital.

An important part is mentoring designers and design teams on the job, giving them advice on method and design workflows.
I am regularly asked to give carreer advice by designers who are looking for new challenges.